Race day checklist for Swimrun

Swimrun checklist for race day

Finally! Race day is around the corner. You have put in all those hours of training and preparations.

Now, when everything is done, take the time to pack your gear. And to not get nervous, thinking that you have missed anything. This checklist will help you pack all the things you will need.

You can never control everything, the weather can change or the race course maybe has to be changed? But you can rest and be assured that you have done everything that you can do.

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So register for your swimrun checklist and minimize your stress when it comes to race day.

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  • Our recommendation in the choice of training level is *Experience / Super-sprint, select Swimrun 4 - Swimrun 6 * Sprint, select Swimrun 6 - Swimrun 10 * Full Distance, select Swimrun 8 - Swimrun 12
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